Microdosing: Day 1

Mental:  I feel keen/quick-witted. I feel like I am giving whatever I do my full attention

Physical: I feel ok. Nothing particular of note.  This is good!

Spiritual: Feeling slightly more peaceful than normal.  Who cares if it could be placebo?

I guess I will cut to the chase, and say that I have had a pretty good day. I remained productive, although I did notice that my mind wanted to wander a bit.  I had a few moments where I had to try to consciously bring myself back to my work. However, once I was focussed, I was really “on.”  I get the impression that this would be beneficial for creative work.  (I would have loved to express myself creatively and sing and write all day, but alas!  Such is not currently my lot.)

 I have tried to do this whole thing once before.  I wanted to write about my experiences with microdosing, but it never really happened, and I found that I wasn’t able to keep a record with much consistency.  I started and restarted a few times.  I blame perfectionism. 

On the topic of perfectionism, I’ve realized that I’m such a perfectionist that I don’t think I even deserve to call myself a perfectionist.  (Like…wow.  That’s some serious bullshit!)

Anyway, I wanted every post to be so perfect, and well-written that I was making it a little impossible on myself.  I’m not letting myself do that this time. (That’s getting out of it too easily!)

Overall, I would say that today I feel slightly energized.  Maybe this feels like the boost of a cup of coffee? I don’t feel nervous or overly stressed or anything, so that’s nice.  

Honestly, I feel pretty content.  I am a very driven high-energy person, so this is a good sign!

One last thing…although I am prone to back pain, I am not experiencing any back pain today.  This could be a complete coincidence, but who knows?  

Tomorrow I will not take the dose.  The day after the dose is supposedly needed in order to “transition” back to normalcy.  Honestly, I don’t feel too different right now (it’s not 8:30PM) and I expect that I will feel just about normal tomorrow.

Also, I think tomorrow I will give you a deeper explanation of the protocol and of what, exactly, I am taking.

Ta for now!


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