Day 2: Transition Day

Mental: My capacities seem good, and I’m ok. I am however a little stressed by some work-related stuff. I feel like I have so much to do!

Physical:  Feeling ok.  Not well enough to run, but my back doesn’t really hurt today either.

Spiritual: Can my soul just accidentally soar out of my body?  If so, I’m at risk! 🙂

I have a lot to do both at work and at home, but at least my attitude is great today!  I feel pretty A+.  Honestly, I don’t mind having to work.  I enjoy feeling like things are challenging, but that I am able to persevere.  There is nothing like a sense of accomplishment.

I have also noticed my sense of humour today.  I feel witty, and quick to crack a joke.  I’m thrilled about that!  Always nice to feel sharp.  

I went to the physiotherapist this morning.  I still have some things to work on to build up my strength.  I can do this.  I am determined!

Mid-afternoon update:

Alright, maybe I spoke too soon.  Work IS a bit much today. My poor brain.  😛 I am finding myself wondering if I am really in the right career. 

Obviously, the answer is “no, of course not.” The fact is, I just couldn’t find a good paying job as a lazy shaman in 2020.  *Dramatic sigh. * Such a dreadful loss to the occult.

Meh.  No matter what happens, I have faith.  You never know when another fun opportunity is right around the corner.  It just kind of sucks to feel bouncy and alive and be stuck doing fairly bland work.  Work is a danger to one’s spiritual self! 

Oh well. At least I didn’t hit the 3:30 slump today.  I thought I should take note of that.

I shall now reveal what in blue blazes it is that I have been taking! Originally, when I first became interested in microdosing, I actually started off by my grinding the mushrooms myself, but I found that to be tedious and a little tricky. Plus, if you look to a reputable source, you can often get your mushrooms in a blend.

The blend that I wound sourcing out contains the following in each capsule:

  • Psilocybe cubenisis: 100mg
  • Cordyceps: 50mg
  • Lion’s Mane: 50mg
  • Reishi: 50mg
  • Changa: 50mg

The only part of this capsule that’s psychedelic is the first ingredient. (Also, I really want to stress, again, how incredibly tiny 100mg of cubenisis mushrooms is. This amount will NOT make you high.)

The other mushrooms are all supposed to be good for your immune system, boost antioxidants, etc.. but most of all, they work synergistically to “enhance positive moods, promote neuroplasticity, [and] increase creativity while reducing anxiety and depression.” Sounds great to me!

Hmm…This has taken me a little longer to write than I anticipated. It looks like you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to learn why I only take one pill every three days. (The intrigue!)

Have a great night (I know all of this election stuff is nerve-wracking!)

Yours in curiousity, light and love,


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