Day 3: Regular Day

Mental:  I feel decent.  Motivated, not overly stressed

Physical:  My back feels ok.  Am I eating too much sugar?  I feel like I’m eating too much sugar.

Spiritual: Feeling contemplative

I have been thinking about work a lot.  Things in my life are going well, but I’m not using my creative skills for anything, and there are times when I feel like a sellout.  

I am not working today, so maybe that’s what’s brought on the space for contemplation.  

Anyway, I definitely feel like my plain ol’ ordinary self today.  I am not the magical unicorn version of me.  However, I have at least forced myself to count my blessings and take stock of things today.  Work isn’t so bad.  It’s not my dream job or anything, but I’m still lucky.  Besides, I feel like I already know what the answer is.  The answer is that I need to do more creative stuff.  I don’t want a new job.  There really isn’t a job that would fit my parameters.  I need to use the time I have leftover around work to create.  

 Ok! Let’s talk about “The Protocol” and why I am only taking one pill every three days.  (A very cheap way to take a supplement, btw!*)

For comparison, a recreational dose of psychedelic mushrooms lasts for around 6 hours.  Some trips are shorter than that, but that’s about as long as they go, from start to finish.  

During a trip, you are investing in a period of time away from your ordinary life.  For those few hours, the mushroom will take over.  (If you think that you are in control of the mushroom, then you are some kind of an idiot, and the mushroom will be happy to teach you the error of your ways. 🙂 )  

Maybe, once you are in the grip of the fungus, you will want to talk.  Maybe, you will cry.  Maybe you will find yourself curled into a little ball on the bathroom floor.   Maybe you will not care about where you are, or who you are, because you lost your “you” 15 minutes ago, and you are busy communing with the universe.  The point is, you will be (temporarily) out of service.  One does not simply ingest recreational mushrooms and run errands.   

That said, once the trip is over, it’s over.  You stop seeing patterns in everything. You stop being able to see the earth “breathe” beneath your feet, and you are transported back into ordinary reality. Suddenly you are drifting softly downward like a leaf dancing on the breeze before it gently glides to place on the ground.

The microdose is different.  The whole idea of it is different.  There is no big crazy high.  There is no high at all.  It’s all subliminal magic.  It ties you into the mushroom world without allowing the mushroom to take over your faculties.

What I am doing is essentially following Dr. James Fadiman’s Protocol.  (Fadiman is a psychologist and psychedelic researcher.)  You can read about a study which references the same protocol here.  

The dosage suggested by the protocol is typically 0.1 – 0.4g of mushrooms.  The ones I have are a tiny 0.1, and I think they are just fine.  No need to go with a higher dose than necessary, especially since I think these are giving me the results I’m after.

The microdose behaves differently than a big dose of mushrooms. For one thing, it lasts longer.  This is confusing and counter-intuitive.  Nevertheless, I have found it to be true.  If I am microdosing, and I take my capsule past 7:30AM (yes, AM), I will have a horrible time sleeping that night.  (Yet it’s not a jittery, stimulant effect.  Instead it just makes you feel “awake” or “on.” )

It also does not take you out of reality.  In fact, you might find yourself paying closer attention to,  and feeling greater gratitude for, ordinary things. It’s kind of like you, but a bit more plugged into nature and in harmony with the world. 

Once you microdose, the next day you’re supposed to integrate what you’ve learned.  You need to take time to do that after each dose.  Interestingly, there are many anecdotal stories of microdosers enjoying a certain “afterglow” the day after a microdose.  (How the heck does it do this?  Mushrooms are very strange!)

The third day is supposed to be a “regular” day.  On this day you are probably still integrating what you have learned.  As well, this should help to prevent you from developing any kind of tolerance to the mushrooms. (Think of it as a buffer day to reset.)

Ultimately, I would like to improve myself to the point where my regular days are more like my microdose days.  This type of regimen should (hopefully) lead to me feeling more motivated to live a healthy lifestyle and to be my best more often.  I also hope that it will help train my brain to think in more positive ways.  

Something like that anyway.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow! 


*Kind of.  The supplement I have works out to be about $2 a pill ($60 for a bottle of 30), so it’s not super-cheap.  However, taking one every 3 days is waaaaay cheaper than some other versions of the mushroom protocol; such as when someone takes the microdose 5 days on with 2 days off. 

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