I’m so glad you’ve found my new page!

If you’re a lady (or a lady-supporter!) and you happen to enjoy exploring occult topics, mysticism, and lady magick both academically and in practice, then I think we’ll get along just fine!

I see myself as a life-long explorer of inner space. I have always been fascinated by ritual, meditation, trance and otherwise altered mental states.

Naturally, as I got older my curiosity expanded to include mind-altering substances. I began researching these quite extensively in my spare time.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. (Especially when you consider the fact that coffee is a mind-altering substance, and no one bats an eye at my espresso habit!) I am generally very cautious about what I put in my body. I like to know that the pros of taking a a substance far outweigh the cons, and that my curiosity is not putting me in danger.

That rules out a lot of things. I’m not about to try heroin or cocaine. (Then again, I’m not interested in eating a fast food hamburger either!) I am generally aiming for a healthy body and healthy mind.

I’m also looking to achieve a more spiritually whole life. It hasn’t escaped my notice that psychedelics have a track record of helping with that.

In fact, I have never understood the downplaying of psychedelic experience with regards to spiritual growth. Basically, if mushrooms change you, and make you less of a jerk, then I’m all for it.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that psychedelics are becoming more mainstream, and that’s very exciting! However, there are still many hurdles to normalized psychedelic use in therapy and recreation. Those opting to try psychedelics must contend with everything from the legality of these substances, to stigma, to good ol’ fashioned lack of research.

I could probably write all day about how psychedelics can fit nicely into the paradigm of spiritual experience, but for now let’s just get down to brass tacks…

I’m going to talk about witchy stuff and psychedelic stuff. I’m doing it from a feminine perspective, because I identify as female, and because masculine voices seem to dominate this realm of enquiry. You’re going to be able to catch me soon on my podcast, and I will be posting a lot about psychedelic experiences and the instigators of those experiences (both human and chemical) right here.

I’d like to close by offering my salute to all brave Lady Psychonauts! Let us continue to explore the depths of inner space, traverse magickal worlds, deepen our understandings, and examine the cutting edge of the very latest in psychedelic research.

Catch you where the machine elves play,


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