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Some time ago (link)  I mentioned that I felt compelled to live a healthier lifestyle and that I thought it was time to step up and quit smoking marijuana.

Since then, I’ve been..uh…pretty quiet about that goal. Based on that, I’m going to assume that you can figure out how well this little project has been going.

The negative outcome isn’t really that  big a surprise. Marijuana has the gift of making domestic life more zen, and with the continuing lockdown, things are pretty dang domestic around here. Plus, the Devil’s Lettuce has  been a part of my life for a long time now, and old habits die hard. 

I know that failure doesn’t make for the best story, but it’s the truth.  In my defence, weed has some masterful skills of manipulation.  It’s tricky.  Almost like it tries to reason with you.

Me *Thinking to myself while inhaling*:  “I should quit this.  It’s bad for my lungs and I am probably not doing my voice any favours.”

Host of Cannabinoid Receptors Being Activated in My Mind:  “That’s a great idea.  Totally understandable. I mean, make the right decisions for you, man. Get out there and lead your best life.”

Me:  “Really?  You’re cool with this?”

HCRBAMM:  “Come on, I’m like, the definition  of cool.  And after all the time we’ve spent together, you know I’m not here to judge.  I always want what’s best for you. There’s just one thing…nah never mind.”

Me *inhaling again*: “What? What is it?  This is a very  good idea.  In fact, this should be my last session. A last hurrah. Write today down. This is a new start.”

HCRBAMM “For sure, for sure.  And you know what? Like I said, I’m with you.  I am there 100%. It’s just…”

Me:  “Hmm? Oh come on, spit it out.  What is it?”

HCRBAMM:  “No, it’s probably nothing, but you know, since you’re such a health nut and all…”

Me, *inhaling again, with the best intentions*:  “What?  Tell me what you’re talking about!”

  HCRBAMM:  Well, don’t you think, really, that alcohol is way worse for you than a little weed? And also, I wonder about your diet lately. You know how bad sugar is for you, right?”

Me:  “Valid.  But I can only tackle one thing at a time.  Also, I really don’t drink that much.”

HCRBAMM:  “Exactly! Which is why you’re best off giving wine the boot first, and then tackling other things!.  You’ll hardly miss a glass or two of vino. Then once you’re comfortable with that we can move on to your sugar intake!”

Me: “Wait. Sugar?  And what’s this ‘we’ stuff…?”

HCRBAMM:  “You know, you and me…tackling wellness together!  I’d say it’s wise to smoke a little herb occasionally while you kick those truly nasty habits, wouldn’t you?

See what I mean?  Tricky.  You give cannabis a few minutes of indulgence and it will convince you. possibly quite rationally, that it really isn’t your biggest problem.

The end result?  I have managed to quit alcohol (although I still crave wine around 6PM) and am working on improving the variety in my diet.  (More salads!)

However, I haven’t let myself off the hook with regards to the ganja entirely. I’m still not a fan of smoking (let’s face it, the act of smoking is gross), and I do still feel the need to progress.  (Even if I am very, very slow.)  

To that end, I got myself a small, dry-herb vaporizer.  

I’m not interested in vaporizing fancy oils or waxes anything like that.  I know there are some heightened health concerns over those types of vaporizers. Since, the whole point of quitting is to make sure I’m in great health, I went with dry herb.  It seems like the safest option. 

Regularly vaporizing plant matter is not my ultimate end-goal, but it is a pretty good “right now” solution.  Especially as I tackle…the other stuff. (The weed had a point!)  Nevertheless, I see this as a definite improvement, and I am glad that I have made this change.

Even switching to a vape has been challenging. It works, but the impact isn’t quite as immediate or intense.  As added insurance, I gave my pipes and screens to my partner, and he has hidden them away to help ease the temptation. 

Even though the effect of vaping weed is not as intense, there are some undeniable pluses that I am seeing right away.

For one thing, it tastes about a million times better.  Marijuana contains more nuance and flavour diversity than one might expect.  It’s much harder to get that full profile from a cloud of smoke.  (Sometimes while vaping I can even taste the flavour notes that sellers like to put in their weed descriptions.  “No really, it’s like I can actually taste the birthday cake!”)* 

And heck, about that cloud of smoke…there isn’t one!  Yes, you get a small odour, as if you’ve just opened a bag of marijuana, but there is certainly no obvious, lingering cloud.  It’s much more refined and subtle.  

It is also a more enjoyable, neater device to carry.  As long as it is clean, charged and loaded with ground herb, it’s good for a little while.  No lighter, or special case required.  (A device that would work well if you took it with you on a hike!)

All of this has been fairly enjoyable to me.  (For those curious, I got the Pax 2.)  

I took a smaller step, but it was at least a step!


*This is clearly sarcasm.  Much like with wine, no one can truly taste all of the flavour notes ascribed to weed.  Blueberry, cheesecake, pine, citrus, grape? Suuuure. That’s exactly what your weed tastes like.  I prefer my weed with hints of molasses cookie.**

**This was also sarcasm.

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